What Are People Saying About Imagination Crossing Childcare & Preschool in Springboro, OH?

Finding the right local daycare center for your family is a very important decision–the more information you have to make the decision, the better. One of the best ways to get accurate information about the local daycare centers in your area is to look at parent reviews and see what THEY have to say about where they send their children.

If you are looking for a great local daycare or preschool in Springboro, Ohio or the surrounding Columbus area, then make sure you check out what people are saying about Imagination Crossing Childcare & Preschool!

Parent Reviews for Imagination Crossing in Springboro, OH!

“We have been a part of the IC family since 2009 and we have nothing but wonderful things to say about the facility and staff.  We have truly been blessed to be a part of such a wonderful child care center.  Thank you for all you do!!” –Vali Maggard Dye

“Excellent school and faculty. We are so grateful to have found this place!” –Ersie Stevens

“I used to send my daughter Tricia to this daycare. This is the best care she can get in that area. We got relocated to Dallas and even now she says that she wants to go back to that school and always talks about her teacher (Tammy teacher and assistant teacher Kirsten ) and all her toddler friends. She is just 2 and I know for sure its that positive experience which makes her say that. I even liked the infant teacher Mrs. Ashley. All are so good and the owner and the staff. Very honest and caring and they treated us like family. I love their class room activities and my daughter benefitted a lot. Thank you so much , I really miss the entire team. Hoping to find something like that here in Dallas :-)” –Renita George

“A great facility that knows everyone that is in and out. Not to mention they use the Tadpole app that sends you pictures of your little one all day. I always know my girls are safe and well cared for!” –Brittany Fulmer