The Best Developmental Toys for Kids!

When it comes to the developmental benefits of toys, they aren’t all created equal. Many people assume to get high-quality developmental toys they have to spend a fortune. But the best toys for early childhood development are actually pretty simple and can be inexpensive as well!

We thought we’d put a list together of our favorite developmental toys for kids that we use to give you some good ideas of what toys you could have at home.

The Best Developmental Toys for Kids!

Building Blocks & Stacking Cups

From a very young age, children have the ability and the fascination to play with blocks and stacking cups. 

Whether they are stacking cups or beginning to build walls or houses with their blocks, children are using and improving both their imaginations and developing their fine and gross motor skills. 



Legos are the graduation level of blocks. Once children begin reaching age 4 and older, Legos can offer a higher level of problem-solving, fine motor skill development, and creativity. Kids can pick out different skill levels, block sizes, and models to create.


This may seem like an obvious one, but many parents often overlook the great developmental impact of books on children at an early age. 

Your baby may not understand the words that you are reading to them, but seeing the colors of the books, being able to feel the pages, and getting the chance to learn how to flip pages all benefit their understanding and gross and fine motor skills.

As your child begins to speak, reading can also help them with their language comprehension and with learning new words. 

You can never start too early when it comes to reading to your children!

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is a perfect, mess-free activity for kids to do! This sensory activity allows kids to use their imagination building with sand while increasing their hand strength, which will help them in the future as they learn to begin writing and drawing.