Activities That Help Children Grow Intellectually

Every parent likes to see their kids enjoying different activities, and if the particular activity helps their kids grow developmentally, it’s even better! Are you at a loss to figure out what intellectually stimulating activities are there for your children to engage in around your home?  Here are some activities that can help children grow intellectually!

Activities That Help Children Grow Intellectually


  • Reading 

Reading is a great way for kids to entertain themselves while also growing developmentally. Reading to children or encouraging them to read on their own helps build vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. 

  • Problem-Solving Activities 

Puzzles, games, and brainteasers are great activities for kids that require them to problem-solve. This can help build their critical thinking skills and promote logical reasoning.

  • Arts and Crafts 

You can encourage your child’s creativity and self-expression by providing materials for drawing, painting, sculpting, and other art forms. This can help develop fine motor skills and promote imagination and innovation.

  • STEM Activities 

Introducing children to science, technology, engineering, and math through hands-on activities such as building with blocks, experimenting with simple machines, and conducting basic science experiments will increase their intellectual development as well. You can easily get activities like kids science and STEM kits and math workbooks or flashcards to encourage these activities at home.

  • Music 

Expose children to different types of music and encourage them to create their own music. You can keep toy instruments around the house like toy ukeleles, little drums, toy pianos, and xylophones. 

This can help develop cognitive, language, and emotional skills.

  • Role-Playing and Pretend Play 

You can encourage children to use their imagination and creativity through role-playing and pretend play. Examples of pretend play like this could be games like “Family” or “Restaurant”. 

Pretend play can help develop social, emotional, and language skills.

  • Outdoor Exploration 

Encourage children to explore nature and the outdoors through activities such as hiking, gardening, and bird watching. This can help build curiosity, observation skills, and an appreciation for the environment.

Overall, these activities can help children develop intellectually by encouraging them to think critically, creatively, and independently, preparing them for success in school and beyond.